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Get “Communication Skills Specialist” Certification

When people understand what you can do for them, they start thinking about how you can help them. Everyone has a “communication problem”, with somebody, that they want a solution for.

Become a Communication Skills Specialist™.acs-100

  • Can apply skills in ANY context.
  • Focus on behavioral competency.
  • Training details.

Have equivalent communication skills training?

Many equivalent training courses, such as “Life coach”, “NLP”, “Hypnotherapist”, “Psychologist”, provide certifications that limit marketing your skills to a specific niche. Companies are wary of hiring niche market individuals as trainers and consultants. Anything that seems the slightest bit “out there” is rejected. The labels, create limits.

Communication Skills Specialist is a higher level label, that enables you to market your skills across contexts! With this certification, companies perceive niche certifications as a subset of your higher knowledge of communication skills. Their perception of what you can do is automatically increased to the next level.

The first communication problem to overcome, is quickly getting someone to understand what you can help them with. Say it all, with three words! Put Communication Skills Specialist on your business card, website and resume or CV.

Do you have to give long explanations about your certification?

Imagine your prospects and customers trying to explain about you!

  • They may need to talk with someone else before making a commitment.
  • They may want to tell their friends and associates about you (referrals).

Improve your communication: with three words.

  • People instantly understand what you can do for them.
  • They can easily communicate about you to other people.

Get your Communication Skills Specialist™ certificate.


Certificate Fee: USD $200

ROI / Payback = 1 client.

Please provide the following information:

  • Training provider.
  • Training Completion Date.
  • Your name (as you want it on certificate).
  • Your email address.
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Communication Skills Specialist certificate from Advanced Communication Skills is emailed to you as a high resolution printable PDF. Annual renewal fee $100.

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